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Austin, TX, USA

Job Type

Videographer Event Specialist

About the Role

We are looking for an organized and creative videographer to join our team. You will need to be able toplan, film, and edit video content according to client briefs. The videographer's responsibilities include ensuring that the necessary filming takes place in a fast passed environment while directing people on camera and editing film footage.

You must be able to understand client briefs and work creatively to produce the desired product.


Skill Requirements

  • Ability to work flexible hours to accommodate client schedules

  • Filming video on set and on location

  • Working with creative teams and clients to plan video shoots

  • Setting up and taking down cameras, microphones, lighting, props and other equipment

  • Editing footage after recording to make short to long videos

  • Adding computer graphics, closed captioning and special effects to footage

  • Ability to work in fast-paced, rapidly changing environments

  • Multitasking skills for working with many vendors at once

  • Creative thinking with an excellent eye for detail

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills for collaborating with clients

  • Knowledge of post-production techniques

  • Physical ability to move and hold recording equipment for long periods

  • Understanding of computer software used for planning, editing and scripting

Equipment Requirements

  • 2 Cameras (full frame, capable of shooting 4k at 24 & 60 fps)

  • 2 Lenses ranging from 24-200mm focal length (anamorphic lenses are fine)

  • ND Filters

  • 2 Tripods (or 1 tripod, and a monopod / gimbal)

  • 2 Wireless or Body-Pack Lavalier Mics

  • Shotgun mic (mounted  to main camera)

  • External Audio Recorder (Zoom H4N or similar)

  • XLR, ¼”, ⅛”, and RCA Cables

  • Drone for aerial footage

About the Company

Our core values and philosophies are focused on ensuring that our customers not only receive the highest quality product/service at the best price but that they also experience a seamless, easy, and stress-free time when booking with us. We pride ourselves on our customer-focused approach that allows each of our patrons to customize an event package that fits their needs and budget. Kona Events strives to differentiate ourselves from other companies through unparalleled customer service, unique product offerings, and competitive pricing.

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