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Austin, TX, USA

Job Type

DJ/Mcee Event Specalist

About the Role

We are looking for a talented and entertaining DJ/Emcee to join our team. You should be able to catch the audience’s attention by playing trending music tracks and engaging with your crowd.

You will be expected to prepare and mix the playlist needed for various live shows and events. You should have strong research skills and the willingness to learn about contemporary and modern music.

Moreover, you should be able to interact and engage with the audience. In addition to this, you should have basic technical skills and knowledge of different DJ software and music genres.


Skill Requiements

  • Ability to work flexible hours to accommodate client schedules

  • Excellent verbal communication skills.

  • Knowledge of modern music trends.

  • Good presenting skills.

  • Ability to empathise with listeners.

  • Having interpersonal abilities.

  • Having knowledge about musical trends.

  • Being creative.

  • Having good pronunciation.

  • Being self-motivated and proactive.

  • Having good communication skills.

  • Having high attention to details.

  • Having good sense of humor.

Equipment Requirements

  • Two (2) Laptops

  • Mixing Board

  • PA Systems

  • Ceremony Speaker

  • Speaker Stands

  • A Table

  • A Scrim or Facade to cover table

  • Chauver GigBar w/ Dance floor lighting

  • Two (2) Wireless Handheld mics

  • Two (2) Wireless Lapel Mic

  • All Power and Audio Cables

  • Two (2) Extension Cords

About the Company

Our core values and philosophies are focused on ensuring that our customers not only receive the highest quality product/service at the best price but that they also experience a seamless, easy, and stress-free time when booking with us. We pride ourselves on our customer-focused approach that allows each of our patrons to customize an event package that fits their needs and budget. Kona Events strives to differentiate ourselves from other companies through unparalleled customer service, unique product offerings, and competitive pricing.

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